Reality Challenges Reality Challengesare Real life answers to Real life Challenges from a Christian perspective.  Topics vary as it cuts across the spectrum of the various challenges our youth face may not necessarily want to discuss.  Under this tab is Christian Blogs where we try to feature Christian Bloggers.

Just A.S.K. Just A.S.K.  gives the background and concept of the A.S.K. program which means Ask the question, Seek the answers within yourself and then utilize your resources and Know and believe in your abilities.  Under this tab it also describes the CYE Christian Program S.W.A.G.

Christian words of wisdomChristian Words of Wisdom are designed to uplift and motivate our youth through key bible verses that will encourage them through this Christian Journey.

About Us About Usexplains to you who we and our mission.  There are two tabs under about us and they are Contact Uswhich gives you information on how to contact us and 2 B A Christian Merchandisewhich is currently under construction.

Who is Jesus? Who Is Jesus?gives information from the bible on who Jesus and whom Jesus says he is.  Other key tabs under this section include Why Do I need Jesus?  Is Jesus the Only Way?which gives an understanding of the importance of Jesus and our access to God; what is The Resurrection which lays out what it is and What is Worship?that defines the true meaning of worship The Church which gives scriptural information of what/who is the church and its purpose; The Resurrection what it is and its importance to the believer; What is Prayer? its meaning and purpose

Book Reads Book Reads gives a listing of Christian books that can aid one in their Christian journey.  Under this tab we also have a section called Pamphlets designed to give practical Christian understanding in pamphlet form and a section called Bible Trivia which is designed to fun activities that deliver understanding and knowledge to the believer.​

What/Who is a Christian give information for understanding the Christian Life.  It has the following tabs connected with it 150 Days of Psalms which challenge our youth to read a Psalm each day for 150 days to improve bible reading habits; 31 Days of Proverbs challenges the believer for 31 days to humble themselves and understand this practical scriptue, Weekly Biblical/Scriptural Lessons to give understanding of God's word and Definitions and Meaning which is designed to gives some key understanding to Christians on their daily journey.


 W.I.J.A.- Christian Shorts gives short biblical verse motivation to all that view and we have a A Conversation with??????? Imaginary Biblical Conversations with some of the Key Biblical People in the Bible.

Linking Your Faith Linking Your Faith is designed to show how linking your faith to service is a big part of the actions of a Christian.  Also under this tab we have Christian Warriors which is designed to spotlight various Christian Youth who are doing extra ordinary things in helping others and spreading the word (gospel)

Christian Chats Corner Christian Chats Corner is designed to give our youth some solid Christians advise to help them cope with some of life's troubles that they may be facing.

The site map is designed to help you navigate through the W.I.?J.A.-2BA Christian Community Website