Expand Your Understanding Through Reading

After a car accident left 12 year old Aldo McPherson in a coma, he had a remarkable experience of journeying to heaven. In A Message from God, Aldo and his mother Retha share his extraordinary story and the message that Jesus is alive and heaven awaits those who seek Him.

TThis book contains 101 heartfelt, true stories about love, compassion, loss, forgiveness, friends, school, and faith.  It also covers tough issues such as self-destructive behavior, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and divorce.

Christian teens care very much about their connection and relationship with God, but they are also experiencing all the ups and downs of teenage life, with the attendant joys and sorrows of growing up.  This book, filled with 101 stories written by Christian teens for Christian teens, helps teens who care about their faith navigate their teenage years.  

This title provides support and inspiration for Christian teens with heartfelt true stories about love, compassion, loss, forgiveness, friends, school, and faith.  It also covers tough issues such as self-destructive behavior, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and divorce.

The first Chicken Soup for the Soul book was published in 1993, and became a publishing industry sensation, ultimately selling eight million copies.  Since then, more than 150 Chicken Soup titles have been published, selling more than 100 million copies.

Chicken Soup for the Soul has won dozens of awards over the past 15 years, and its founders, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen have become celebrity motivational speakers and author

The World Does Not Define You!
Nobody said your life would be easy. And the older you get, the more difficult it seems to become. Deep down you may know your value as a person isn’t defined by wearing cool name-brand clothes, scoring points for a sports team, or even by having a huge number of social media followers. And you’re right! Your identity resides in something—in fact, Someone—much greater than anything this world can offer:
The only identity worth having…is found in Jesus Christ!

American sports icon, Tim Tebow knows firsthand what it's like to face pressure head-on. In Know Who You Are. Live Like It Matters, he shares the wisdom he’s learned—not from what the world says, but from what God says in His Word.
Tim will guide you through thirty-six weeks of lessons, each based on a key Scripture, to discover who you are—by learning more about whose you are! You will also have the opportunity to write down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas on topics such as:
* Building godly character 
* Maintaining great relationships 
* Standing out from the crowd 
* Doing things that matter in the big picture

Get ready to live bigger than ever before…with your faith and identity secured in a God who loves you beyond measure!

A Good Book is Food for The Soul

For many girls it starts early. The desire to be perfect. The need for approval. The longing for acceptance and being liked by a lot of people. Thanks to social media, these desires now get channeled online. Girls can curate an image, build a following, and test-drive identities until they find one that draws attention and applause. But in this quest to be liked and noticed, girls often fail to feel loved and known. The result is a generation of girls who hunger for real and authentic relationships yet are unclear on how to create them.

From popular blogger and best-selling author Kari Kampakis comes a powerful book for girls in the digital age. Designed to empower teens and tweens through the Christian faith, Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For? is packed with godly wisdom and practical advice related to identity, friendships, social media, and a relationship with God

Have you ever wondered what Jesus would say to teens if he could email or text them every day? 

God never intended for us to journey through life alone or without direction, and Conversations with Jesus: 365 Daily Devotions for Teens is the perfect tool for every teen who desires to know more about Jesus and what the Bible says about any life situation. Through a collection of encouraging, quick-listen messages written in Jesus' first-person voice, Conversations with Jesus helps teens turn religion into a real relationship with Christ. 

Each day, students ages 12-18 are guided toward a closer walk with their Savior through a full year of carefully selected Scripture passages and relevant applications that are trustworthy, practical, and action-oriented. With Conversations with Jesus, teens will:

Develop a closer, more personal relationship with Jesus
Be encouraged through tough times
Discover how to handle difficult people
Develop a clearer sense of God's will for their lives
Learn how surrender leads to joy regardless of one's circumstances
Understand how the Bible applies to daily life
Become equipped to encourage others
Become more comfortable with prayer as a response to Jesus

The world is full of mysteries. Many are intrigued by earth’s mysteries — UFO’s, the lost city of Atlantis, the pyramids, the Nebula of Orion, etc. God knows the answer to every mystery. However, as interesting and captivating as these mysteries are, they pale in comparison to the revelation of the deep secrets of God.
The Holy Spirit may seem a mystery to some people, but God’s desire is for His believers to know and understand the deep things of the Spirit. “God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God” (1 Corinthians 2:10).
Because of ignorance, fear, and tradition, many have chosen to ignore teachings concerning the Holy Spirit. In this book, Dr. Larry Ollison sets aside religious political-correctness and digs deep into the mysteries of the Holy Spirit.
Remember the final words of Jesus as He ascended into heaven from earth: “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Acts 1:8).

Today, Christmas is my happiest time of year because we celebrate Jesus’ birthday and there’s so much to be happy about! Without Him, we’d be forever lost. Yet, Christmas is about even more than this! Having given my life to Messiah, I discovered living isn’t about what we get, but what we give. God showed us this when he gifted us the Christmas babe. We continue that blessing and show God’s love by blessing others. During this season of giving, when God gave his very best, though not wrapped in glittery paper or tied with fancy bows, I hope you receive these stories. They are the best I can gift because no one can buy memories, for they must be lived. Should you choose to carry Christmas in your heart, you’ll live it every day, which means that each day will be as eagerly anticipated as this very special one is.

Growing up is hard. There’s peer pressure, criticism and bullying, among other things. And it’s more difficult than ever to talk about your faith in God. But every person is a masterpiece. That’s the only kind of people God makes.

Christian Youth: It's Cool to Believe in God for Love, Acceptance, Friendship, Protection and Direction is meant to help you recognize God's constant love and presence in your life. Developing a relationship with God to whom you can pray for guidance, direction and acceptance offers one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

Aimed at helping young people find security, direction and protection through God, this book shows that:

*God's love for you is never-ending and ever-constant.
*God's friendship is loyal, compassionate and caring, so you’re never ignored, abandoned or ridiculed.
*God offers a direction for you, reassuring you that you have a purpose even if you don't know what it is yet.
*God accepts you, no matter what you weigh, what you look like or how you dress.
*God hears all of your prayers and answers them in a way that’s best for you.

And so much more.

Be Inspired to Live for God ™ !

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Do You Know Your Life’s Purpose?
Are you looking for more meaning in your life? Are you tired of just getting through each day instead of feeling a sense of purpose and direction? Sometimes the answer to a question is best explored in reverse. In order to find more purpose in life, perhaps we need to go to the end—death—and work backwards from there. Is it possible that contemplating death can lead to more meaning in life?

The Teen’s Guide to Social Media & Mobile Devices will help you navigate the digital world with 21 refreshingly honest and humorous tips that will not only inform, but that also just might change the way you think about your social media interaction.

     21 real-life tips including. . .

Know the app before you snap.
Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want Grandma, your boss, and Jesus seeing! (Jesus is on Insta, you know!)
Peek at your privacy settings. . .so you know who’s peeking at you.
Take more “selflessies.”
Press pause before you post. 
. . .and many more will provide just the information you need to post wisely in an insecure world.

One of America’s favorite pastors, Max Lucado offers his first 365 devotional for teens, encouraging them to trust God and His perfect plan for their lives.

Life is hard, and today’s teens could use daily guidance and reassurance that God is with them, through it all and despite it all. In One God, One Plan, One Life, bestselling author Max Lucado offers teens an accessible way to connect with their Lord. Daily devotions address such topics as faith and obedience but also offer wisdom on topics that teens battle, such as purity, bullying, alcohol and drug use, and self-image. Each day includes a short devotion and accompanying scripture as well as a take-away application that will inspire and challenge teens to trust in God and His plans for them.

One God, One Plan, One Life helps teens to cut through life’s distractions and rely on the one thing that is truly important—a relationship with God. 

It can be intimidating to come to God in prayer. Feelings of shame, guilt, and fear will prevent you from experiencing the freedom found in God if you allow it. NO PRAYER, NO POWER, a 365-day book of prayers, teaches you to come to God with boldness, forgiveness, and thanksgiving in your heart. Prayers are written to help you decree and declare the promises of God over your life every morning. These prayers are perfectly designed for the imperfect person. Designed to empower you to endure and to activate your faith, you soon will understand who you are created to be in Christ

On your journey to becoming a man, the scripture has mapped out a road for you to walk. Along the way, you’ll have big questions like “what type of person do I want to be?” or, “how do I get there?” or, “what should I believe?” Reach for this book, and stay on course.

Walk in Faith bridges scripture with the everyday challenges of being a teenager―From dealing with peer pressure to dating. These 5-minute devotionals help teens successfully navigate some of life’s most important and trying moments with a little faith and God’s unwavering guidance.

Inside, you’ll find:

5-MINUTE DEVOTIONS―practical and quick reflection.
RELATABLE SCRIPTURE―easy-to-digest and short passages.
REAL CHALLENGES―apply the scripture to contemporary topics like social media, body image, self-worth and more.

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”―1 Timothy 4:12

There are some facets of Christianity that are hard for young people to fully grasp! This fun, easy-to-follow guide uses the A.S.K. process to help our youth discover what it means to be Christian and to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior:
• Ask the question
• Seek the answer within yourself first and then use your resources
• Know and believe in your abilities
What If I Want to Be a Christian? offers a simple yet compelling way to answer this question and others, along with resources for greater understanding of young people’s roles in Christianity. It all starts with A.S.K.!

In this book, you’ll experience my personal encounter with God through Psalm 119. You’ll find simple application knowledge of the new covenant of Grace; which perfects the old Law of Moses. I hope to encourage you to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I desire for you to get to know Him better. I want you to know that God loves you so very much! You’re flawless and altogether beautiful. So adjust your crown and let the world know that you represent a phenomenal King!

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105

Are you enjoying Jesus’ forgiveness and victory on your behalf?

Years ago, a mature Christian asked me: “Are you wiser than Solomon? Are you stronger than Samson? Do you love God more than David?” My three-fold answer was negative. He responded: all three fell into sexual sin. What are your answers to these questions?

No one is immune to sexual temptations and sins. Therefore, you need to properly arm yourself with God’s Word and Spirit. Even when you fall, God has graciously provided for your forgiveness and restoration.

Whether you occasionally struggle with sexual temptations or it’s a daily battle, having been overcome by them, there’s definite hope, genuine encouragement, and real victory, even in your defeat.

”Battling Sexual Temptations and Sins” contains 40 devotionals, helping you enjoy Jesus’ victory on your behalf, making you an overcomer.

Book Reads

This book is a powerful reference guide for the believer who wants deeper understanding and direction in the quest for victorious daily living.
People rarely anticipate the dramatic changes and challenges that are just out of sight over the horizon. A Christian must be prepared, not just mentally, but deep within, so that when the storms of life threaten, they are anchored in the Word of God and prevail.
This book has a threefold purpose. First, it is a book that you can read through from beginning to end that will guide you in understanding the life principles of God's Word. Secondly, it can be used as a daily devotional. This book is divided into detailed bites of information that can be taken daily and systematically digested to bring a higher level of spiritual health. Lastly, it can be used as a reference guide. Through the topical table of contents, you can find the subject quickly that addresses the area of your interest or study.

What is your greatest need?

Whether you realize it or not, your greatest need is to be forgiven and reconciled with your Creator. Through His Son, God has freely provided forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration. You don’t have to work for it and you can never earn it. It’s by His grace alone!

When you embrace Jesus by faith as your divine substitute, living a righteous life on your behalf and dying for all your sins, you’ll have the gift of eternal life.

”An Unfathomable Gift” contains 40 devotionals, highlighting God’s astonishing grace to those who have willfully sinned against Him.

Whether you’re already a believer or discovering God’s grace for the first time, this book will encourage you to wholeheartedly trust in Jesus and enjoy all the blessings and benefits He obtained for you.

"Like a photo shoot, pictures flashed in Anthony’s head as he reflected on the first time he heard the horrifying clank of the barred door that was now staring at his back, he vividly recalled, his face smashed against the dusty police car, bright red and blue Lights blindly flashing in his eyes. Everything was a blur! His heart beating so fast and pounding so hard he could hardly hear the cop as he repeated his words… ""Do you understand your rights!"" A preacher's son on the way to a place deemed worse than hell! Just a teenaged boy when he was facing those bars, now a man 7 years later who has made a promise to himself to rectify his wrongs. Read this captivating story about a young man’s journey into manhood down a twisted road through tragedy and triumph

This book by Joyce Meyer takes an honest look at what teenagers face every day - peer pressure, expectations for your future, the struggle for independence. With solid research, interviews with young people, and no-nonsense, biblically based advice, Joyce Meyer give you the ammo you need to make your brain a clean, mean, fighting machine.

Maybe you can identify. Trying to listen to the right voices can be difficult. This book has been written by friends who will help you find the Truth. Maybe your heart is telling you that some things in your life are way off course. Certain habits and relationships have left you confused and lonely. This is not the way it’s supposed to be.

In this book, Nancy and Dannah expose 25 of the lies most commonly believed by your generation. They share real-life accounts from some of the young women they interviewed, along with honest stories about how they’ve overcome lies they believed themselves. They get down in the trenches of the battle with you. Best of all, they’ll show you how to be set free by the Truth.

My Mess is all about grace. It’s the story of how I was trapped in sin, struggling with pornography, fighting addictions, completely alone, living for myself, and not caring who I hurt in the process. In my desperation, I called out to God, looking for just a taste of His acceptance. Instead, I was plunged into an ocean of grace I didn’t think was possible.

If you feel trapped—like it’s been forever since you’ve had any hope: you can find renewed hope in Jesus Christ. Romans 10:11 says, “For the Scripture says, ‘WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.’” As disappointed as we often feel, it can be hard to take this verse seriously. In this book, I share two personal stories of disappointment. The first mess I got myself into. The second mess happened on it’s own. Both times, I battled the oppressive voice of hopelessness. However, both messes ended with God showing up and pulling me out. Both times, He proved His Word true.

No mess is too dirty for God to clean up. No hole is too deep. No shadow is too dark. If you’re in a mess, it’s time to be set free. It’s time to overcome sin through the power of grace. It’s time to win against emptiness and loneliness through the presence of Jesus. It’s time to seek God and find the purpose that He put you here to accomplish.

Your identity is defined--not by changing circumstances--
but an unchanging God!

Whether you’re celebrating an incredible victory or facing life’s biggest disappointment, your response will reveal who you really are.
In this powerful book designed specifically for young Christians, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow provides an intimate look into how he’s been able to face professional triumphs and defeats and still emerge with his faith and identity intact.
In Shaken: The Young Reader’s Edition, Tebow shares his insight for shaping an identity based not on your highs and lows, but on God. He examines the courageous lives of Biblical figures and the many inspirational people he’s met to show you how to:
Overcome your fears and accept God’s perfect, unconditional love
Transform your insecurities into opportunities for growth
Embrace your unique, God-given talents to make a difference in your world
With honesty that speaks directly to the heart, Tebow will inspire you to build a God-centered identity and begin today to live out your divine purpose!

Guiding a boy toward making right choices will equip him to think carefully about his decisions, assuring a more fulfilling and successful life.

In this book, Jim George focuses on all the high points of a young man’s life―the things that matter most. Teen guys will learn…

why prayer and Bible reading are so essential
what makes for the best kinds of friendships
how school and social skills contribute to a strong future
how to stand strong against temptation and peer pressure
what contributes to healthy and biblical perspectives on dating and purity

Young men will enjoy Jim’s balance of biblical insight, personal anecdotes, and candid forthrightness. And they’ll gain the skills they need for making right choices in response to all the challenges that come their way.

Thomas is one of the best high school football players in the country. He has dreams of playing in the NFL one day like his father. When tragedy strikes, and he loses his eyesight due to an accident on the football field, he not only loses the one thing he has to have to pursue his passion, but also his faith. With the help of a friend and tutor at the school for the blind he must attend, he learns how God can use troubles to bless us. But, when tragedy strikes again, and he is met with a decision that will not only affect his life, but the lives of everyone he knows, how will he respond

Elizabeth George, author of A Young Woman After God's Own Heart (more than 230,000 copies sold), offers another life-changing teen book—A Young Woman's Guide to Making Right Choices.

Today's teens are bombarded with choices about attitudes, behaviors, friends, clothes, finances, and college. And with the rise of alcohol, drugs, sexual issues, and crime, they must make serious decisions daily.

Bible teacher Elizabeth George takes teens through the step-by-step process of making decisions that are life-affirming, godly, and wise in areas that include—

managing emotions
improving relationships
developing confidence
living in the center of God's will
avoiding trouble and bad situations

Teens will discover checkpoints to use as guides for making decisions, and they will learn to take the long view when considering consequences. Young women will also realize the tremendous wisdom, guidance, and answers available in God's Word.

You cannot be a child of God and not be blessed! All of God’s children are blessed and highly favored. He loves us all the same. He created each of us in His divine image. For God so loved the world that He gave up His Only Son, Jesus to die for us! God did this so that we could have reconciliation with Him as Adam and Eve did in the garden of Eden. We were created to have a relationship with Him and not today’s religion and tradition. He wants to know you and give you every spiritual blessing. In Him you have been promised a glorious and beautiful future! The Bible isn’t just for our motivation. It’s for our conviction and everyday use. In the “Bible Journey” you’ll find your true identity, which is found in Jesus Christ alone! This book is for anyone who desires a better relationship with God. You’ll find great tips, Biblical knowledge and wise counsel to help strengthen and grow your spiritual life. Find out how to gain God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Experience joy, pain and laughter hearing testimonials from an ordinary girl that God transformed into an extraordinary woman after His own heart. The Bible is not just for our information. It's God's way to transform us back into the image of His Son Jesus Christ!


Finding God is a one-of-a-kind series of intimate stories told by everyday people. Discover what these people believe and why as it pertains to their own unique spiritual journeys.

These highly personal stories discuss not only such issues as the existence of heaven and hell, the validity of the Bible, alternative religions, spirituality and life after death, but also chronicle sometimes gut-wrenching life events that helped develop a wide variety of belief systems, some conventional and some not-so-conventional.

Anyone interested in spiritual issues, or searching for meaning in their lives will find something in this book with which they can identify.

Read Finding God now and begin exploring your own spirituality and the revelations you derive from your experiences, relationships, and the significant events that have shaped your life.

Inundated by popular culture, many women have lost their bearings and no longer trust their inner intuition which points them to the things that are good, true, and noble about womanhood. Since Jesus’ favorite and most powerful teaching method was by parable, Mary Kassian wisely uses the same tactic, walking her readers through the compelling tale of the wild versus wise woman found in Proverbs 7.

​Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild will captivate, convict, and challenge women to become decreasingly wild and increasingly wise. Includes questions for personal reflection at the end of each chapter.